HINDU: Vasudev Pandey. The Hindu near-death experiences profiled here in this re-inactment is typical of the cases studied in India by researchers Satwant Pasricha and Ian Stevenson. The subject does not view his or her physical body, as do many subjects of western near-death experience cases. Instead the subject is taken in hand by “messengers” and brought before a man or woman who is often described as having a book or papers that he or she consults. A mistake is discovered. The wrong person has been “sent for,” and this person is then brought back by the messengers to his or her terrestrial life; or the subject is “pushed down” and revives. The error supposedly made is often a slight one, as a person of the same given name but a different caste, or someone living in a different but nearby village, should have died and been brought instead of the subject of the near-death experience. In six of their cases, the informants said that another “correct” person (corresponding to the subject’s information from the “next world”) did, in fact, die at about the time the subject revived; but the researchers did not verify those deaths./span>

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