Liu Xiao Di – Chinese Buddhist Near death experience 現今念佛感應精彩見聞錄

Buddhist:(15 min) Liu Xiao Di dies from a brain tumor and in the afterlife meets up with Avalokitesvara (“The Lord who looks down” Sanscrit अवलोकितेश्वर ) This is a very moving testimony from a lady voluntary Buddhist temple worker. In time she was found to have an aggressive brain tumor. The doctors in the hospital could not do anything for her. When she was dying, she chanted for the empowerment of Avalokitesvara. He came and showed all her past wrongdoings and gave her another chance to live.

The “Buddha Empowerment Manifestation” series is extracted from a free-distributing CD originated from a Lay Buddhist Institute named “DaBeiGuSi” located in HaiCheng City in LiaoNing Province, China.
譚居士与大眾交流学習 二月十五 現今念佛感應精彩見聞錄 腦癌病危頻死念佛 感得觀音開示救拔獲痊癒

Liu Xiao Di entered the afterlife and had a typical life review.From what she saw she called herself extremely evil.The “Lord who looks down” forgave her and said she is now born again and would get a second chance and was sent back to her body. Within a day her tumor had vanished.In this testimony these Chinese people call her experience a “dream” but we know that it was a typical near death experience. Furthermore we also know that there is only one God for all humanity but He has many names given to him by various people groups. In China they call Him Avalokitesvara “The Lord who looks down”. His actual name was revealed by himself to Moses on Mount Zion and it is I AM. He said to Moses, tell your people I AM sent you.

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