Yvonne Sneeden -Speaks with Jesus Christ – explains “Merging”

Christian:(20 min) Yvonne Sneeden was a high profile executive for Cisco Systems when she died and went to Heaven. She was a Non-denominational Christian who was very involved in the church. She spent a year at Bible School and was a strong believer in God. In 2008 she died and left her body …………And then she was immediately translated into a light that seemed to be like a fog. There she met up with Jesus Christ and spent time walking and talking to him. He allowed her to “Merge” with him to see and feel everything that He feels.

She explains that “Merging” is a thing they do in heaven to be able to see and feel all that you experienced in your time on earth. Other NDE experiencers like Marc Rains was able to explain that we all spend multiple lives experiencing things and spend eternity coming and going from heaven to experience lives on different plains. Watch the video from Marc Rains under the Christian category to be able to understand the complexity as the spiritual realm. What do people do in Heaven, do they just walk around and sing songs for eternity, no, we come and go to other existences to experience lives in different plains.”Merging” is like watching a movie of what someone else has experienced by merging with them and for a time becoming them. I bet that can be scary at times.

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