Yvonne Sneeden- Tells about her time in Heaven with Jesus

Radio:(Radio interview by Lee Whitting) Yvonne Sneeden says on her profile page: “My NDE occurred in June 2008. My body was shutting down due to extreme emotional distress and my desire to just stop living. I was suddenly transported in a place I call heaven. Jesus was coming towards me in an energy/light/translucent form. As he touched me, I felt completely embraced by His Love, both Father’s and Mother’s love, the love you feel for the ideal parent when you are a child: safety, acceptance, loved, cherished. He wrapped me in His love completely and He kissed me in the purest way, on my face, eyes, cheeks and lips like a Mother kisses her baby with tenderness. Though he was in His energy form I felt all these expression of affection for me.

“On earth, I was in a difficult relationship and was confused on whether to stay with the man I was dating as we were often arguing or to leave him. As if I knew I was coming back on earth, I asked Jesus what I had to do. He telepathically made me understand that He loved Steve (changed name) equally as much as He did love me,but that I had to say no to this relationship because Steve had decided to focus on the love of will in a relationship and not so much on the love of emotions like I had and that we will never be a good match. He said that without judgment or guilt feeling, just a statement.

“Right after that he suddenly took a human form and he looked like the Jesus who is traditionally portrayed. He walked on my left and we were in a very brilliant environment with an extremely beautiful glowing with an effervescent joy. It was like a magnificent road on a very sunny day in the best summer vacation day…I could see some beautiful building in the distance… The entire atmosphere was permeating Love, light, joy, happiness, peace, safety, and everything was infinitely possible. Suddenly, I felt to my right some presence coming and turn around to see and there I saw about a dozen of young angels with long colorful robes making there way to some places. One of them looked at me and then turned his head towards Jesus. When he saw Jesus his face literally shone with incredible light because of the joy he felt. They all rushed in His arms and after that scene, Jesus told them telepathically that this time was to be shared with me and offered they go back to their teachers angels. I look where they went and I saw about 6 or 7 magnificent female angels with long white robes smiling at us/me with love, kindness, tenderness, joy, respect, consideration, purity, light and acceptance. None of the negative feelings find on earth. The children angels went back to their teachers.

“I then told Jesus I was too tired to go back on earth, life was terribly difficult and that many people were mean, selfish, disloyal, unfaithful, uninterested in unconditional love. I told Him I would not make it. He looked at me and suddenly stood in space in front of me. He expanded in size to be 9 or 10 foot tall – He then said” Yvonne, I will fill you with my strength and energy. I felt an incredible energy fill my entire being every core of my being was filled with this regenerating energy – He then said to me (everything is telepathically in heaven)”I have so much love for my babies (meaning us)and I said I understood. He went on : “I want to show you how much” He took my ‘heart’ or my being, my identity, the energy that is me and he merged it, blend it, with His heart and for a moment we were One. I could feel all His feelings of love, It was mind blowing – Waves of love, of energy, millions of love related emotions, light, power love. So strong that I became Him. I was Jesus, the same way I was Yvonne, feeling every atom of this powerful heavenly explosion of love for lack of better words. It stopped suddenly and without words, only a knowing, I understood that my time with Jesus in Heaven was coming to an end and It was time for me to come back on earth…….Heaven’s love has kept me going with a complete renewed joy….”

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